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BCC FiberCell paper

Nursery Production Systems

BCC’s nursery production system is developed as an automatic filling and seeding line, which performs accurately rate year after year. The line is continuously evolving due to special requirements from customers and changing technical advancements, but the main features of the filling and seeding remain the same.

BCC Multirow FiberCell machine

Cone and Seed Handling

BCC manufacture and supply all the equipment you need for an efficient but yet careful cleaning and processing of cones, seeds, fruits, berries and nuts. BCC continuously strives to supply user-friendly and technology advanced equipment.

FiberCell Holder

Growing Systems

The result of our long experience within the industry of growing systems is an extensive product portfolio of growing containers, each one with special features and characteristics. The BCC collection includes multi-cell growing trays, both fixed and single cell systems, round and square cells, solid wall with ribs, side slit and the Air Cell /AirBlock systems with Active Root Guiding.

BCC Tray washer


Conniflex is the new, effective and environmental friendly coating protecting the forestry seedling against pine weevil attacks. Conniflex can simply be described as an armor of sand applied to the stem of seedling. The specially developed and water-based glue is used to guarantee that sand sticks to the stem. The treatment is completed in the drying unit for hardening of the glue.



The most efficient tool for manual planting of various sizes of containerized seedlings.
The planters can work in an ergonomically correct position and remain the highest productivity making the method both fast and comfortable. BCC also develops long lasting and comfortable carriage systems.


Blackout Systems

BCC have developed a complete outdoor Blackout System for treating of seedlings. Our customers have used similar systems for over 20 years, a system continuously developing. The system allows today many different options for the customer. The system is designed for effective Blackout treatment of seedlings, but is suitable also for frost protection.

BCC seeding-&-setting

Irrigation System

Irrigating your plants properly throughout the germination process is crucial. BCC can offer customized irrigation systems for both greenhouses and holding areas. The customer can design his own irrigation system based on the needs of his specific nursery, such as dimension, irrigation features, type of nozzle, fertilizing injectors, etc.


Nursery in a Box

To build and start up a containerized forest nursery in remote areas is often a complex and a lengthy process. It also involves relatively high initial investment costs for the customer.

For small-scaled nursery operations, which do not require a high degree of mechanisation, but still focuses on producing top quality forest seedlings and cuttings, the Nursery in a Box (NiB) concept is the ideal solution. The NiB is a particularly convenient option in remote locations where it is difficult to source materials or good quality equipment. The concept is based on containerised plant production and includes everything required to set up a fully operational nursery in a short period of time.

BCC System Line Integration


The BCC Packing Systems are used for packing of seedlings into cardboard boxes or similar type of boxes. The design is modular and parts are interchangeable in order to handle different types of growing containers. The level of mechanization in our solutions varies depending on operational factors and the customer’s economy. The packing system will be adjusted to fit the customer´s requirements.

BCC Dibbler


BCC is your ultimate and complete partner for paper based growing systems. We develop, produce, deliver, install and service customized complete solutions or standardized machines for growing all type of crops in the FiberCell system worldwide.