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Conniflex is the new, effective and environmental friendly coating protecting the forestry seedling against pine weevil attacks. Conniflex can simply be described as an armor of sand applied to the stem of seedling. The specially developed and water-based glue is used to guarantee that sand sticks to the stem. The treatment is completed in the drying unit for hardening of the glue.


Conniflex processing line.

Gluing Unit

– Adapted for water-based glue
– Automatic in feeding of growing trays
– Individually add of water
– Individually plant dividing, in to steps
– Individually glue application through glue nozzles
– Glue pump
– Vibrating plate adapted so glue should be evenly distributed to stem
– Heated cabined on a frame adapted for caring 1000-liter glue container
– Automatic transportation of growing tray from Gluing unit to Sanding unit
– Stainless steel frame
– 6 growing trays can be handled in one minute

Sanding Unit

– 6 growing trays can be handled in one minute
– Automatic in feeding of growing trays
– Automatic transportation of sand from Big bale to application position
– 4 growing trays get coated simultaneously. Two trays are tilted to the right and two trays to the left. Both sides of the seedling trays are treated.
– Sand application with air jets which carefully blows fine grains of sand onto the seedling stem.
– Returning- and filter system for re-use of sand
– Filter system sort away wet sand, needles and other particles
– Automatic transportation of growing tray from Sanding unit to Drying units

Drying Unit

– 30-40 minutes drying process
– Four drying modules
– Growing trays are transported through the drying systems on conveyor belts. The speed on each conveyor belt can be individually adjusted.
– Each dryer have three levels
– Individually fan and heating system in each drying module
– Air is forced through the seedlings to achieve an even result.
– Automatically transportation between dryer levels.
– When seedlings come out of system they are automatically transported to a water bath.