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To build and start up a containerized forest nursery in remote areas is often a complex and a lengthy process. It also involves relatively high initial investment costs for the customer.

For small-scaled nursery operations, which do not require a high degree of mechanisation, but still focuses on producing top quality forest seedlings and cuttings, the Nursery in a Box (NiB) concept is the ideal solution. The NiB is a particularly convenient option in remote locations where it is difficult to source materials or good quality equipment. The concept is based on containerised plant production and includes everything required to set up a fully operational nursery in a short period of time.


The NiB includes:

-Modular growing structure
-Support & handling system
-Pump & filter station
-Water storage tank
-All plumbing & fittings for irrigation        system
-Boom irrigation system with integrated fertiliser injection unit
-Spare part kit
-Set of small tools for installation and maintenance work
-Nursery instruments required for plant production

BCC is the turnkey supplier of NiB-projects worldwide.