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BCC FiberCell paper

Lescus (Czech Republic)

We entered our partnership with BCC in 2010 and since then we equipped four forest nurseries with their quality machines, trays and irrigation system. We produce different species and sizes of seedlings and BCC always tries to customize …

BCC Multirow FiberCell machine

LVM Mezvidi nursery (Latvia):

Joint Stock Company “Latvia’s State Forests” started the development of their new nursery Mezvidi in the central east part of Latvia. The nursery will produce containerized seedlings of Scots pine and Norway spruce. First sowing in the five newly built greenhouses was done…

FiberCell Holder

Rumpin Project (Indonesia)

In December 2021 BCC AB supplied and installed a production line for the Modern Nursery Rumpin Bogor Regency in Indonesia (Pusat Persemaian Rumpin).
This nursery forms part of the Indonesian Government’s drive towards reforestation …

BCC Tray washer

Forestal Leon (Chile)

Forestal Leon, which is a highly recognized Chilean private company in the forest industry due to its activities of cultivation, supply and processing of wood from Pinus radiata forests. Forestal Leon approached BCC in January 2021 with the aim of collaborating in the development …


Spisa smaker (Sweden)

Spisa Smaker AB is one of the largest companies in Europe growing fresh organic herbs in pots. Since 2019, the company has gradually phased out and replaced the plastic pots with FiberCell paper. This is in line with the company’s environmental responsibility to reduce …