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Rumpin Project (Indonesia)

In December 2021 BCC AB supplied and installed a production line for the Modern Nursery Rumpin Bogor Regency in Indonesia (Pusat Persemaian Rumpin).
This nursery forms part of the Indonesian Government’s drive towards reforestation and restoration projects in the country.

The production line consists of a complete tray washer, batch mixer with feeding belt, FlexiFiller and manual work station (for setting cuttings). The nursery uses a locally manufactured tray with individual inserts which required customisation of the BCC FlexiFiller.

Rumpin nursery is propagating a range of species for reforestation, rehabilitation of flooded areas, research and development of germplasm. The species include Tectona grandis (teak), Manglieta glauca (Magnolia blumei), Swietenia spp (mahogany) and Eycalyptus spp.

Rumpin nursery produces 12 million plants per year.

Indonesia President Joko Widodo visited the nursery on 10 March, where he emphasised the importance of reforestation and rehabilitation projects and the economic value the nursery will add to the region.


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