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BCC Care Kalimantan

BCC Care for customers in Kalimantan


The first BCC washing, filling and sowing line in Kalimantan was installed in 2014. Since then BCC installed 5 more production lines for different clients in east and north Kalimantan. Some of the nurseries are located in very remote areas of Kalimantan, involving up to 14 hours of travelling by 4WD vehicle on unforgiving roads to reach these sites.

To ensure that these equipment lines are kept in good working condition after several years of use, our Kalimantan customers all signed up for the BCC CARE program since 2019.

The BCC Indonesia Technical team visits each nursery site on a regular basis – the number of visits annually depends on the level of support the customer signed up for. During these visits our Technicians will:

• do a thorough check on all machine functions,
• diagnose any faults or errors,
• check for wear and tear items to give the customer an early alert on parts that need replacement,
• conduct refresher training to staff and machine operators,
• check parts availability and prepare a recommended list of parts required or to replenish stocks,
• prepare an assessment report for management.

The BCC CARE program also offer our clients preferential pricing on spare parts and priority support for upgrades, expansion or reconditioning of equipment lines.
Through the BCC CARE program, customers get maximum returns on the BCC equipment they invested in.

For more information on the BCC CARE program please visit:

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