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Automatic Plant Packer

After thorough and intensive research with forest nursery experts and growers BCC has developed an Automatic Plant Packer customized for the modern forest nursery.

There is a great need from our customers around the world to make the sorting and packing process more efficient saving both money and time. The major part of the sorting and the packing processes are still very labour intense in many forest nurseries around the world. With the new BCC plant packer the customer will be able to get a fully automatic sorting and packing function customized and optimized for the nursery operations.


The capacity of the packing line is high due to the fact that several different processes are being done simultaneously throughout the packing process. The capacity of the line will depend on several factors; if manual or automatic sorting process is chosen, type of container used and also how many containers are being packed in the cardboard packing box.

Note that below estimation of capacity is based on trays (Hiko or Plantek) and not number of seedlings. Other containers may also be possible to use in the packing line. Please discuss directly with BCC for details.

Note also that the calculated capacity of the packing line is separate and is not taking the speed of the sorting process into account. The estimated capacity is calculated a cycle time of about 15 sec / box. The BCC Plant Packer allows for 1 or 2 containers to be handled at the same time provided that the above mentioned container types are used. This will consequently mean that it will take the same time to handle 1 or 2 containers.

Please find below estimations of capacity:
15 s/box
4 boxes/min
240 boxes/hour
1680 boxes/day (7 hours)