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The machines previously sold under the name of PLANTPAPER, will in the future be provided by BCC and sold as part of the FiberCell Concept. This concept consists of machines for paper-based growing, papers and holders.

BCC is market leader in machine-based propagation systems for the forestry sector around the world. The company has recently developed a new paper-pot growing concept called FiberCell. The FiberCell system is developed to suite all kind of propagation, not only forestry. A large number of paper qualities are already
available and new ones are in the pipeline. We have close co-operation with growers, researchers and suppliers to be able to develop paper varieties to suite your needs. To learn more about FiberCell, please visit our web-page: bccfibercell.com

By taking over the production of the semi-automatic and the fully-automatic machines, BCC ensures the future of this technology and the service, maintenance and spare part handling for all the existing units operating at
customers around the world. Further, we will integrate the machines previously sold under the name of PlantPaper in our existing line of equipment. This will make the BCC product portfolio even more complete and our ability to serve your specific needs will increase further. We are here to accommodate your needs.

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