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BCC Flexi Filler is designed to achieve precision filling and to handle a large range of different growing substrate. Root system development is one of the most important quality criteria when evaluating forest seedlings and cuttings. During the propagation of seedlings and cuttings oxygen supply in the substrate is crucial for all anaerobic processes. Therefore optimal filling and compaction of the growing media is required for root initiation, germination and consequent root development. Filling trays properly, i.e. every cell being filled with exactly the same volume and compaction of growing substrate is therefore critical for:

– Root initiation
– Seed germination
– Short rooting window
– Development of cuttings and seedlings


Item Code: FLFI

In Feed Pusher
Compressed air consumption: supplied from main valve on the filler

Dimensions (L x W x H): incl in feed pusher 3600mm x 2400mm x 1850mm

Weight: 850kg

Power requirement: 3 x 400V, 50Hz

Compressed air consumption: 2.0kW

Maximum production capacity:
500 litres/minute at 6Bar

HIKO*: 20 trays/minute

SideSlite*: 13-18 trays/minute

96 Insert Frame*: 10 trays/minute

* Note that the equipment can be customized to meet individual requirements