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Gravity Separator

After cleaning and sizing of the seed lot, empty and partially developed seed is separated from fully developed seed. Final cleaning is also done in this process, removing light impurities and dust from the seed lot.

This larger model Gravity Separator can be combined into a set, which can consist of up to four units. This configuration is often used in large seed processing plants where high volume separation operations are required.


Dimensions (L x W x H):
Master 1200 x 800 x 2400 mm
Master + 1xS 2400 x 800 x 2400 mm

Master 125kg
Master + 1xS 250kg

Power supply: 1 x 230V, 50 Hz

Power requirement:
single fan 0.3 kW per unit
double fan 0,6 kW per unit

Collection containers:
3 units per gravity separator
plus one extra per complete station

Seed hopper capacity:
approximately 100 liters

Maximum production capacity:
up to 15kg/hour