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Germination Table

The germination test is made to establish the maximum number of seed which can germinate under optimum conditions (i.e. light, moisture and temperature).

This information is important for the seed plant manager to determine and keep records of the quality and value of the seed lot and also for the nursery manager to determine how many seed needs to be sown in each cell. Furthermore, it gives the nursery manager a good idea how many seedlings he can expect from a specific seed lot.


Dimensions (L x W x H):
1900 x 800 x 1850 mm

Weight: 195kg

Power supply: 1 x 230V, 50Hz

Power requirement: 1.6 kW

Temperature range: 10-35°C
(at ambient temperature of 18°C)

Number of bell jars: 120

The accuracy of temperature control ±1ºC
Alarm system built-in

Number of bell jars: 144
Bell jars sizes: Ø 71 mm and Ø 82 mm
Filter paper sizes: Ø 75 mm and Ø 85 mm

Sufficient ventilation in room to avoid build-up of heat generated by the light and compressor of the Germination Table. Water tap/hose for filling and cleaning purposes. Floor drain for draining of water.