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At BCC we are proud to announce we have been selected turn key supplier for the new FiberCell production line at Forestal Arauco’s nursery in Quivolgo, Chile. This is a milestone project for BCC including an 11 row FiberCell filling machine and machinery for destacking, washing and setting of cuttings.

BCC has also developed a new growing system consisting of a new holder with improved quality, durability and sophisticated handling features. The conceptual solution also includes FiberCell paper of a quality suitable for the species grown by Arauco in their specific climate zone.

The new FiberCell line at Arauco will be installed in August/September of this year and will be ready for full scale production once the season starts in October.

“BCC has focused on developing a paper based growing concept especially designed for forestry conditions over the past 4-5 years, says Torsten Karlsson, Managing Director at BCC. The concept has already been sold to customers in various parts of the world. However, the 11-row FiberCell line at Forestal Araucos nursery in Quivolgo will be a state of the art installation with BCC technology for the production line, growing holders and paper. We are honored by the trust shown by Forestal Arauco in appointing us the turn key supplier for their new facility.”

“As customers, we are already very satisfied with the BCC production systems for nurseries. The current automatic BCC filling and seeding line for trays and its years of operation have made us confident with BCC technology. The existing equipment has allowed us to make important advances in our productivity. These parameters together with the fact that the local technical support in Chile is fast and qualified, gave us the confidence to invest in the BCC FiberCell concept for our new production line at Arauco Norte´s nursery in Quivolgo, says Rodolfo Calquín, Nursery Manager at “Forestal Arauco.”

In addition to the FiberCell system sold to Forestal Arauco, BCC also offers other machines for filling the FiberCells and other types of holders suitable for other growing conditions and species. There are different holders for different FiberCell diameters and different growing density.

“Having been in the global reforestation sector over 30 years, BCC knows there is not one solution suitable to all needs. To customize equipment and adopt growing systems to help our customers optimize their productivity is a cornerstone in BCC business model, says Torsten Karlsson.”