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The Landskrona based company BCC AB has signed an agreement with As Latvijas Valsts Mezi in Latvia for a complete Conniflex line. This will be the first treatment line outside Sweden and the first within the company of As Latvijas Valsts Mezi.
BCC and AS Latvijas Valsts Mezi ”LVM” in Latvia have signed an agreement for a complete Conniflex line with annual capacity exceeding 10million plants.
LVM has years of experience using various systems for the treatment of seedlings against pine weevil. The new
Conniflex line will be located in the forest nursery ”Mazsili” outside Stende.
– We are happy about ” LVM’s” decision to invest in the Conniflex concept, says Torsten Karlsson, Managing Director of BCC AB. It proves they believe in the environmentally friendly protective effect of Conniflex. We know LVM has tested Conniflex against a lot of other potential protectors against pine weevils and our product has proven to give the best protective results.
Environmental ambitions and goals
The new agreement is not only important in the fight against the pine weevil, each year causing huge damage to forestry, but also in the work towards a better environment. The fact that Conniflex is totally free of insecticides has also been important to LVM in their strivings towards a minimum use of chemicals in their production, says Karlsson.
LVM’s long-term commitment to sustainable development in the production process has been crucial in the decision. BCC will deliver and install all equipment to Mazsili nursery in the early fall 2016 and the customer intends to treat plants with Conniflex already this first season.
Environmentally friendly armor
Conniflex can simply be described as an armor of sand applied to the stem of seedling. The coating is flexible and expands as the seed-ling grows. The specially developed and water-based glue is used to guarantee that the sand bonds to the stem. The treatment is comple-ted in the drying unit for hardening of the glue. The seedlings are treated with Conniflex in the nursery before they are packed and sent away to the forest owner. Only one treatment in the nursery is necessary for an effective protection for two years. Conniflex can be used on all types of containerized seedlings. Please read more at www.conniflex.se
BCC has spent several years developing the technical solution for Conniflex industrial processing lines. The treatment method has been developed in collaboration with the Swedish plant producer Svenska Skogsplantor. This will be the sixth Conniflex line supplied and installed by BCC since 2008.
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